Well, it’s almost time for this year’s Hoodoo Workshops at Lucky Mojo, but ijustcantwait, so here’s a little reminiscence from last year.

The festivities and instructions began with an open discussion of magical methods in general.

Miss Cat said: “I would never let a candle burn badly for myself — but you have to consider: why did that candle get chosen for that client? Reaching for a candle that has an off-center wick, for instance, is itself part of the divination process.”

I agree; but I also agree that splinting that wick, or prying it toward the center for a clean burn, is part of the conjure process.

Consider a bright, physically strong, talented young man born to sane, loving parents. In the proverbial ghetto.  Does he attain the ministry, the Mafia, or the White House?  Or does he die young and tragically? It depends on the opportunities that come his way, and many factors we will never know (like that crooked wick, buried in opaque wax).

But it also depends on how he reacts. Does he straighten that wick? Splint it if it threatens to drown? Jam a whole taper candle in there?

New Thought folks tell you to “Take dominion over your life.” There’s much more to this than saying your daily affirmations, because the interplay between the material and the spiritual is subtle, manifold and convoluted. As I see it, that means two things:

  • Remaking your world to your heart’s desire is a bigger project than many inspirational speakers will admit to.
  • On the other hand, it means that one or two or a number of mistakes won’t kill you.


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