This week, a little theology potluck for y’all.

Most of the things I want to say on this subject were expressed perfectly by Fred Clark.  I can’t improve on perfection, so I’ll just invite you to read his comments on Love and Holiness.  The comments are wonderful too, both practical and poetic. Like this:

“I wish the phrase “love the sinner but hate the sin” would be retired.”

“Fear and respect are not the same thing.”

“Jesus said to love other people the same way we love ourselves. This means it’s ok to love, respect and esteem ourselves (indeed we even ought to – the more I love myself, the better my neighbour gets it when I love them the same way I love myself).”

A great crew over at Slacktivist.

And there’s a good old Al Green song in there, too.

When you’ve read that, here’s a random picture from the Lucky Mojo workshops held on May 7 & 8.

A blue crystal ball is reflected in a huge black crystal ball.

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